Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lovebug Girl 2 tier Diaper Cake

Theme: Lovebug Girl Diaper Cake

30 pieces Huggies diaper size M
2 pair bumble bee receiving blanket
1 pari baby bib
1 bottle milk tollyjoy
1 hat
1 bottle J&J baby shampoo
1 bottle J&J milk bath
1 bottle J&L lotion
1 bottle J&J baby powder
1 teddy bear
1 baby rattle

Price RM150

We do diaper cakes for baby showers and gifts for babies. All diaper cakes can be custom made to the color, items and even brand of diaper you like as well as other gifts and baby essentials that you may want to include.

Pricing for custom diaper cakes is done base on the ingredients you choose. Do contact us for customization.